The Greatest Outdoors

There's nothing better than walking aimlessly through a forest, whilst tripping over pine cones with no intention of reaching any specific destination. Then spontaneously deciding that the top of a dried out dormant ski slope is a self evident route for an untrained sprint in 36°+ heat, but two thirds of the way up realising that this lucid idea was maybe a mistake. Actually nothing is a mistake during this brief virtuous flash in our lives. Footnote: I didn't realise Epcot began life a top Mt Olympus. Born Sinner and Acid Rap locked and loaded as we willingly get lost among the many liquid deprived country roads of the back garden of Cyprus, whilst contemplating the awe-inspiring possibility of the two of them forming a rap duo to rival Jay and Yeezy. Goats a plenty, road kill, hyperventilation, mind boggling views, mind boggling heat, winter sports teams in the middle of summer, ridiculously cyan coloured reservoirs,  the Gods play ground.