The Fifth Year

Classic Morrow was a blog born out of an eighteen year olds boredom in a dark university room in south west London during late 2010. Five years later it has become much more than that. Since receiving attention in the early years as a blog featuring interviews with creatives, it now boasts a collective of its own to form the creative house which it now stands as today. 

Clas·sic Mor·row                                                                                   /'klasik/ /ˈmôrō/   

 Adjective: The embodiment of timeless creation.                                                                                                                       Noun: The creative house and lifestyle brand.

This year being the fifth year of Classic Morrow's existence felt like a milestone worthy of a commemoration. Also being the first year that creator of Classic Morrow, Alexander, had to put the dream of a basketball career aside. With the help of co-creative director and close friend Janika Czaree a jersey and shorts combo was designed as a token of perfect homage to a big part of his life.   

Creative Director - Alexander Polis

Co Creative Director - Janika Czaree

Photographer - Vicky Grout

Stylist - Cas Jones

Stylist - Alexa Kester

Styling Assistant - George Roberts

Studio Assistant - Kiran Nazir

Model - Con Williams

Model - Cas Jones

Model - Rand Faris