If you missed out on the last turn up then fear not

This November 28th we will be returning to Bacchus late bar to share some

good vibes and music.

With performances starting at 10pm from:

Kenny Kensei

lars sylvest

Myylo Whyte

Casper Jones

And DJ sets from:

DJ Rasta Fou


DJ Busy Finger

We will also be giving away the New Life Long-sleeve

to 1 of the first 50 through the door 

This Watch

This watch used to mean something different to me than it does now, and it will probably mean something else in the future. Sometimes i don't wear this watch in an attempt to forget time exist or to pretend that it ever did. Right now it shows the current time in my home country five hours ahead of the city i have been residing in for the past two weeks. The time it displays is a reminder that soon enough ill have to return. Return too soon to a life of endless hurdles trying to tie me down to a time five hours too fast. Maybe ill get a new watch.  

Sneakerbox Bristol X Classic Morrow

The sneaker culture is currently running rampant through the UK and the city of Bristol is no exception. Sunday the 4th of May (may the forth be with you) saw the first ever sneaker event held in the capital of the south west. And of course the Classic Morrow family rolled through with a couple DSLRs  in hand... 

Sugar Hips X Classic Morrow

Fellow Classic Morrow family member Uncle Fou has been running Sugah Hips, a bi-monthly night of Hip Hop Culture and a vibe of absolute party for the past year. Nonchalant turning up is a hereditary characteristic in the Classic Morrow bloodline and upon this enlightenment a party was obviously thrown, accompanied by performances from Lars Sylvest & Myylo Whyte, DJ Busyfingers and Kenny.


Kenneth Who Speakith

Kenneth Anthony Alexander Farward AKA Kenny. Born and raised in NYC. Currently residing in London.

As a Classic Morrow family member you can find him running around London stuttering at open-mic poetry nights, playing pick up basketball or hitting that zan at any watering hole that provides a steady kick and snare at around 98-121bpm. Besides writing and performing poetry Kenny can also speak at a rhythmic pace in time with a beat (most popularly known as rapping). Auditory endeavours to follow in due course. 

Everybody Eats... 



Love To Say I Told You So

Humility among the highly talented is a rare trait that is always championed here at Classic Morrow. Ever since the first time my ears ingested the beats by Lars Sylvest I have been embracing my self for his take off. 3rd of March 2014 marks his first live performance accompanied by Myylo Whyte, where they will be supporting Apollo Brown & Ugly Heroes. So congrats guys... Love to say i told you so, and i'm going to keep reminding you every step of the way!